Tutu helper apk

Need an easier way to access your apps? Tutu helper solves the problem! It’s the best app organizer among an endless list of Android and iOS systems. Consider it a customized organizer for all of your apps. No root or jailbreak required; plus its versatility is compatible with any device. Created by the same Chinese company that provided “Free Cracked Paid” applications for iOS and Andriod operating systems, tutu helper apk android app is easy to download.


Tutu helper apk download

Originally, the app was written in Chinese and was later translated into English as it grew in popularity. The app’s popularity originated as a platform for the Pokemon Go game. The app is now offered in two versions, the original and the VIP (upgraded version). Both versions still include the white rabbit icon familiar to classic users.

Tutu helper apk android

  1. For easy installation, just go to the link http://tutuappfreedownload.net/tutuapp-apk and download the app to your Android device.
  2. Next, open your device settings, lock screen and security. From there, go to “look for unknown sources”. You want to select “Enable” unknown sources.
  3. Now, go to your file manager and open tutu helper apk for android.
  4. Once the installation process is complete, the tutu helper will be installed on your device. It’s just that simple!


Tutu helper apk features

This app is so convenient that it even updates itself. In addition, it has quick search options and adds new, exciting content. Leaving you more time to explore your games and other apps hassle free. Tutu helper apk is the smart choice to replace Cydia, again NO jailbreak required.

  • However, it can be installed on jailbroken, no jailbroken, rooted and unrooted iOS systems and devices.
  • One of the great features to consider is the tutu helper download is free!
  • No charges, credit cards or payments required!
  • It offers resources that are safe and risk-free.
  • It has a comprehensive and easy interface which makes it all the more attractive to work with.

It eliminates the unnecessary confusion and brings all of your favorite games such as Pokemon Go, Clash Royale and many others under one app.


Tutu helper apk ios

Understanding the installation process for your iOS device is vital in order to fully appreciate the app. Since there are several methods to installing, it is very important to get the download directly from the tutu helper download only. Overall, the app is a quick and easy way to your app catalog.

To download using Safari:

  1. Open your Safari and go to the link: http://tutuappfreedownload.net/. Once the page opens, look for the install icon and select it.
  2. Next, when the option to “add to home screen” is offered, select it.
  3. Make sure it’s been added by selecting “ADD” on your home screen in the top right corner.


The tutu helper app should now be added to your home screen. Some of the features users will really appreciate are the built-in cache cleaner, the memory optimizer. For users who appreciate their privacy, the app also includes a fake location hacker as well as cool walking and GPS hacks. Tutu helper apk android is an app that will keep your apps well organized.

Tutu helper apk

Tutu helper apk

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Uninstall the app:

1. Go to Settings menu;

2. Choose Apps or Application manager;

3. Touch the app you want to remove;

4. Press Uninstall.


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