TutuApp For Android And iOS

What is TutuApp? In simple words, TutuApp is a software application which you can use to install and run premium apps from iTunes on iOS devices. What this mean is that, you can use TutuApp to run all premium apps available on iTunes for free with your iOS device. TutuApp free iOS can also be used on Android devices as well. TutuApp was issued by a Chinese who is reputable and also credible.

Which type of mobile phones is TutuApp suitable for?

Although, TutuApp was initially made for Android devices, but today, the app can be used on iOS devices as well. So in essence, all mobile phones running on Android and iOS platforms are compatible with TutuApp.


Tutuapp Free Download

Here, we are going to cover how you can easily download TutuApp on Android and iOS devices one after the other.

Tutuapp For iOS devices

★ Step 1: ensure that your iOS device is connected to the internet, then open your browser and type www.tutuapp.vip in the address bar. After the site has finished loading, you will see two tabs named VIP and Regular. Click on the regular tab and then on the UP arrow.

★ Step 2: after completing the above step, wait for the page to fully load. After it has completed loading, click on “add to home screen” from the list of available options. After doing this, a prompt box will appear, simply type TutuApp in the box, and click on add.

★ Step 3: for you to download and run the apk, first you’ll need to configure your phone. Simply navigate to settings on your mobile phone and head to device management.

★ Step 4: after navigating to device management on your phone, you’ll see a list of profiles created, then click on one of the profiles. Next, you’ll be required to click on trust profile, do this and proceed.

★ Step 5: next, a pop-up will display on the screen asking if you really want to trust the profile. Simply click on the “trust” tab, and proceed. After clicking on the “trust” tab, navigate to the home screen of your phone and open the Tutu App iOS.


Tutuapp for Android devices

★ Step 1: first of all, you’ll need to visit the official site of TutuApp where you will download the apk on your Android device.

★ Step 2: the next thing you’ll do is to scan the QR code using your Android phone.

★ Step 3: after the app has been completely downloaded, navigate to settings on your Android device and enable “allow from unknown sources”.

★ Step 4: After doing the above, the next thing you need to do is to I at all the app on your phone by clicking on install.

★ Step 5: finally, agree with the terms and conditions of using the app by clicking on accept. After accepting the terms and conditions, TutuApp will be successfully installed on your Android device. Now, you can simply launch the app to discover its amazing features.


Features of TutuApp

  • TutuApp free download iOS comes with a lot of amazing features, some of which include the following:
  • Ability to download paid apps from iTunes, Google Play Store, and other third party app markets.
  • Auto inbuilt cleaner that cleans unwanted cache and files stored on the app.
  • Simple interface that is easy to use.
  • Fast download speed of apps.
  • Ability to use TutuApp without jailbreaking or rooting your mobile phone.
    Compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • All these and many others are the wonderful features to be enjoyed on Tutu App.

Why you need to install TutuApp on your phone?

As it can be seen from the above-mentioned features, TutuApp is a must have for every user since there are tons of benefits you will get from making use of the app. Also, TutuApp free download iOS and Android helps you save money by giving you free access to paid apps on various app markets.

You’re definitely missing out on a lot of goodies if you don’t have Tutu iOS installed on your mobile phone. What else are you waiting for! Visit http://tutuappfreedownload.net/ now to get the amazing TutuApp free on your Android and iOS devices.

TutuApp For Android And iOS

TutuApp For Android And iOS

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Uninstall the app:

1. Go to Settings menu;

2. Choose Apps or Application manager;

3. Touch the app you want to remove;

4. Press Uninstall.